We compose music and idents, make well-thought out sound-designs, cast voices and direct them in a way that makes them sincere.

You don’t have to hire us by the hour. A good concept can sometimes be made in one shot, but other times it takes endless sculpting. We don’t stop until it’s just right. Are you in a pitch? We help and think with you.

We have no working hours. We have deadlines. You can call us 24 hours a day when you have a good idea.

MacLoud // Artists

There’s nothing like the eureka moment of knocking off a song that didn’t exist before – I won’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer.” – Paul McCartney.

Music moves, it enters without knocking. At MacLoud we represent a group of composers who exactly which emotion can get you want.

We guide you or scare you. We move you or make you restless. Let’s rock and roll!

MacLoud // Sessions

We like to organise stuff. And if we do, make sure to drop by.

We had hotdogs with Soul Clap, meatballs with Slam and banana’s with Josh Wink.

But if you didn’t make it, we’ve post the sets and music here so you can still enjoy.

MacLoud // Voices

“Women don’t want to hear what you think.
Women want to hear what they think, in a deeper voice.”
– Bill Cosby (professional actor & rapist)

A good voice touches your soul. It starts with a casting. We have hundreds of voice actors to choose from. And we are looking every day for better, more unique voices. The secret of MacLoud is in directing these voice actors. Because you’ll always hear if a voice really means it.

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