MacLoud AmsterdamMusic &
Sound Design


Meet Wouter and Robin. Two highly skilled and experienced sound designers, with a passion for music and a dedication to capture the sounds you want to hear.

Wouter D. Snel
Robin Schlösser


We compose music and idents, make well-thought out sound-designs, cast voices and direct them in a way that makes them sincere.

You don’t have to hire us by the hour. A good concept can sometimes be made in one shot, but other times it takes endless sculpting. We don’t stop until it’s just right. Are you in a pitch? We help and think with you.

We have no working hours. We have deadlines. You can call us 24 hours a day when you have a good idea.

// Sound Design:
capturing the sound of today with the techniques of yesterday and tomorrow. Suited for every format you can imagine.
// Compose:
we create music that brings your message, indents that make you stand out and sound designs that bring across exactly the feeling you want.
// Cast:
we select from a cacophony of hundreds of voices the one that suits your message.
// Direct:
we inspire voices to sound the way you want to.


“Sound is all around.
MacLoud will shape it as you whish.
Drop by for a talk and a listen.
We'll hear ya.”
MacLoud Amsterdam
Westermarkt 6
1016DK Amsterdam

p: +31 (0)20 - 7055140